LETTERS: The undocumented; Christians in America

Elected officials should stop protecting the undocumented

This is written mostly to the congressmen, representatives and senators in South Texas.

A few days ago, I was reading a letter that said we are in the United States and you should learn how to speak English. I am going to add a little bit more to that story. All those that I mention up top, and the LUPE organization, it’s time for you all to quit protecting the immigrants and the undocumented immigrants.

As you can see, killing, breaking into other people’s property, stealing vehicles and assaulting poor people that are making their living in stores — all of this is from the undocumented who come to do wrong here in the United States.

Another thing I hope is the president would take the food stamps away completely. If you want to eat, work! It is ridiculous, you go to the supermarket and all you see are full shopping carts with groceries of the most expensive items. Then you go to the parking lot and they start putting their groceries into their late model vehicles and wearing their $400 boots!

With those groceries, they have taco stands on Doolittle and Davis Road, and all those roads close by there, which they sell plates for cash with the food stamps they are getting.

To all of you who are protecting the undocumented, help our president and take the food stamps away and quick!

Robert Luna, McAllen

Calling on Christians

I was a Democrat since FDR and sadly through Obama’s first term. This man promised change; well he gave it to us.

He has said America is no longer just a Christian nation. I certainly don’t agree with that, but if we keep sit-ting on our hands and just go along, we will become a dictatorship instead of a democracy.

In today’s article, he tells voters to step up (he means, become a Democrat) before things can get worse. I would like to tell all my Christian friends to get busy using the talents God gave you, and stand up for your faith so we always remain a Christian nation.

In my estimation, the chance of things getting worse in our country is if he ever gets back in any office in our country.

Thank you for letting me take care of my right to free speech while we still have it.

Vi Greenwald, McAllen

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