Health scares led to PSJA Memorial football coach’s weight loss

ALAMO — Most nights, Michael Uribe was awakened by a nagging cough. The coughing fits happened about four to five times each week and typically ended the same way. As to not wake his sleeping family, Uribe tiptoed out of the house to either his front or backyard. There, he vomited.

“What was happening is that I was sick a lot in the middle of the night, and I wasn’t paying much attention to it,” the PSJA Memorial coach said. “I felt that getting sick at night was part of the tough demands of my job.”

Uribe first had an aha moment two years ago when his persistent cough woke his son.

“When I came back in the house, my son asked me, ‘Dad, are you OK?’” Uribe said. “I could see the worry in his eyes.”

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