LETTERS: Flooding is insane; Faith in prayer, the church

Flooding is insane

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Wait for flood water to recede, make repairs, hope we won’t flood again. Wait for the flood water to recede, make repairs, hope we won’t flood again! I’m obviously insane as are my neighbors. I don’t know how many more times we can do this. Most of us are senior citizens, many with health issues, living in Hidalgo County and supporting the local economy. We chose to retire here.

The county knows our neighborhood (north of Edinburg) floods, yet they are doing nothing to solve the problem! In fact they exasperated it by pumping the water out of Lake Edinburg into our neighborhood! Once the invariable flooding happens, the county is slow to respond!

During the flood in June, our house sat in 15 inches of water for almost two weeks. People were trapped in their homes for days. This is happening again to us now. There is nothing we can do! We’ve tried pumps, but there is nowhere for us to pump the water to. We can not solve this problem without help which we are not receiving!

I implore Hidalgo County officials to send help to us now and implement a permanent solution immediately. It’s time to stop ignoring residents of this area.

Cher Vandenberg, Edinburg

Have faith in prayer and the church

In response to the letter, “Concerned with Catholic exodus,” by Jose Longoria in Tuesday’s edition: prayers are never inadequate as you so boldly proclaim.

I agree with all your concerns, but now is not the time to fall into despair by thinking that prayer can ever be “inadequate.”

Now is the time to pray more than ever that our children return to their faith. Now is the time to pray for our church, our clergy and the victims whose lives have forever been changed. Now is the time to pray for more evangelization and time to ask ourselves, “What can I do to spread the good news?” Now is the time to ask for forgiveness.

In the words of St. Pio, “Pray, hope and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” Now is the time to become spiritual warriors and pray without ceasing!

Elva Servantes, Mission

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