LETTERS: Country better off with Brennan security clearance revoked

Country better off with Brennan security clearance revoked

President Trump is being criticized for revoking security clearances for former CIA Chief Brennan. Why? Is Brennan in a current need-to-know basis of government intelligence? No.

All these former blowhards — who are former directors of CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. — are about to have their purse strings tied. These guys depend on keeping their security clearance so they can go on CNN, ABC, FOX, and CBS as analysts and get paid big bucks since they are still privy to intel.

Not anymore, and that means no more leaks to the New York times, or the Washington Post, or CNN, you get my drift. These power hungry intel chiefs will no longer be in the know and not able to leak classified intel as they have during this administration to the media.

So boohoo, Mr. Brennan, you are now just a regular Joe, and the sooner security clearance for Comey, Clapper and the rest of the deep state members are revoked. The better our country will be for it, and they can no longer peddle their secrets to the media for money.

Jake Longoria, Mission

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