EDINBURG — The Palm Valley Animal Center is overwhelmed by the high number of animals brought in as a result of last month’s floods, and they are asking for community volunteers.

PVAC was already above capacity the month before heavy rain hit the Rio Grande Valley in mid June, according to temporary shelter manager Faith Wright.

On June 27, the day after parts of the Valley received upwards of 20 inches of rain, the shelter received nearly 100 new dogs and cats.

PVAC is at the point where they do not have space or supplies to care for every stray found on the street, Wright said, and the shelter is prioritizing animals based on their health.

Although it will continue to take in strays or surrendered pets, Wright emphasized that the shelter does not have the resources to care for animals not facing a life-threatening illness or injury.

PVAC also has a higher-than-normal need for volunteers.

Normally, volunteers must first apply online or in-person and complete an orientation. Right now, however, PVAC is waiving the orientation requirement; those who do not complete the hour-long training may be limited in what they can do.

“We are not going to turn anyone away,” Wright said. “We’ll find something for you to do.”

Volunteer activities include bathing, feeding and walking animals, cleaning cages and taking pictures of the animals for the website, among others. Anyone unable to volunteer their time can help by donating milk replacer, canned food, pee pads and baby bottles.

PVAC also needs volunteer drivers every Tuesday and Friday to transport animals at risk of being eu-thanized to San Antonio, where the animals are picked up by shelters from across the country that have space for them. During a recent trip, 127 animals were taken in by other shelters around the nation.

None of the animals taken to San Antonio were those brought in from the floods, Wright said.

She urges anyone still missing a pet lost during the heavy rains to check local shelters immediately.

To volunteer, call 956-720-4563 or email volunteer@pvaconline.com.