LETTERS: Sex ed, focus on problems, compensate separated families

Do more to educate high school students on sex

Statistics show that Texas does not inform students on sex education. According to the state of Texas, abstinence is implied only, and that being in 2010, 54 percent of all pregnancies (298,000) in Texas were unintended (Guttmacher, 2017) and we have 81,873 people living with sexually transmitted diseases (aidsvu.org). We should educate high school students on not only having the option of abstinence.

There other options of protection (birth control, condoms) to prevent pregnancies and any other sexually transmitted diseases. This will help eliminate unplanned pregnancies for the future. They should be specific on the topic of STD’s due to the fact that it’s becoming a viral outbreak. I suggest they show them how a person can contract it and what it looks like. Since some individuals are visual learners, even though the graphics can be gruesome to one, this can educate them and be informative. That way we can decrease this viral outbreak.

Another solution will be letting them know if they choose to have an active life to also get checked with their partner regularly, to prevent any health risk. Also having the option in high school to get tested because not all teens are willing to admit to their guardians that they are having sexual relationships — this will help the school be more involved and create a relationship with their students.

I believe Texas should enforce this as a required credit.

Erica Juarez, San Juan


Less history lessons, more focus on problems

I also do enjoy reading this column of opinions, but I do agree with J.D. Newman.

I have been observing lately more people are being argumentative instead of stating their opinions, and yes, what our previous presidents (like Clinton, Bush and Obama) have done in the past is not relevant.

What we need to do now is concentrate on our nation’s problems and how to solve them. I do not need a politically slanted history lesson either.

Eunice Saenz, Mission


Compensate families for separating them

Trump has now signed the executive order to keep families together. Trump began separating families just to prove his point that the U.S. is powerful and wants a stronger border. There could have been other measures than the ones he took, like keeping children in cages and away from their parents.

Those children are going through a traumatic experience that no child should go through. According to CNN, Trump states: “And if you’re strong, then you don’t have any heart. That’s a tough dilemma. Perhaps I would rather be strong, but that’s a tough dilemma.”

Trump is heartless in other words, he would rather be strong than to show compassion. I think many of us can say that he only did the reversal executive order because of the hate and criticism he’s been getting. To separate children from the only family they have is inhumane, all children should be with their parents.

Many celebrities and community members have begun a movement called “families belong together.” This is going on even today. They have made posters and shirts to show the country that they are fighting for the rights for those that can’t.

Needless to say, Trump should come up with other ways to compensate these families that were affected by the cruel punishments they got for trying to have a better future for their families.

Marisol Villarreal, Edinburg

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