LETTERS: Opinions, something is rotten

From someone with opinions, too

Regarding Will Davis’ “Don’t believe Trump’s false claims” letter in the June 27 edition: Mr. Davis you forgot to add to your letter, “in my opinion.”

Nobody that voted for president Trump is a fool, or is being played for a fool. We are just deplorables, remember? A fool would be someone who ignores the robust economy around him, the lowest Hispanic and black unemployment numbers ever, and the lowest female unemployment in 20 years.

The respect you claim from two years ago was derision and private jokes. Obama bowing to the despot king of Saudi Arabia. Did you happen to see who bowed this time?

As for paying Iran billions of dollars to keep them on the nuclear path and release hostages, that didn’t go so well did it? President Trump got our people out of North Korea for free, and now there’s a possibility of peace after 60 years, and Obama is still playing golf.

If I appear a fool to you sir, well that is your opinion. I have opinions, too.

Juan Olivarez, Alton


‘Something is rotten… ’

Donald John Trump’s minions and sycophants continually keep turning people away from the detention center for immigrant families separated on the border in McAllen. First, it was Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and a delegation of mayors, then it was a rabbi from Woodinville, Washington.

It really makes me wonder just what the heck Donald John Trump, his minions and sycophants are trying to hide, and I honestly believe that they and, to a lesser extent, the United States government are trying to hide something.

Is it a work center? Is it a concentration camp like the Nazi’s had during World War II? If it truly is on the up and up, then why are people not being allowed to see what is going on? Why are they being turned away? To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Something is rotten in the state of Texas,” and I think that you only need to look at Donald John Trump and his minions and sycophants to see who is behind it.

Brian Hill, Mount Vernon, Washington

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