It’s as easy as chicken, salsa and cheese

After a crazy week of rain and flooding, I needed a simple, stress-free slowcooker recipe, preferably one with five ingredients or less.

I found this Cheesy Salsa Chciken recipe with only four ingredients. Cheese always makes me feel better.

There are times, such as last week, when I don’t have time to cook or I’m not in the frame of mind to deal with complicated slowcooker recipes.

One of the biggest reasons people use slowcookers is for the convenience. People are busy and don’t always have time for nightly gourmet meals.

The entire process for this cheesy salsa chicken recipe took me less than 3 1/2 hours. You dump the chicken (I use tenders) and salsa in the slowcooker and let it cook.

If you love spice, this is the dish for you.

The recipe from calls for a store-bought 16-ounce can of Old El Paso salsa. I had trouble finding that brand so I went with Pace Picante Sauce. I picked the spicy flavor. Go with the brand you enjoy and choose your spice level.

After cooking the chicken in the salsa on high for three hours, you add two cups of cheese and let it cook on high for another 30 minutes. It is that easy.

To keep it healthy, skip the cheese. You can also shred the chicken for tacos.

I made a side a Mexican rice to go with the cheesy greatness.

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>> 1 1/2 pounds of chicken

>> 16-ounce can of salsa

>> 2 cups of Mexican shredded cheese

>> Salt to taste (I didn’t use salt and it was fine).


>> Pour salsa in slowcooker and then add chicken

>> Cook on high for three hours

>> After the three hours, add the cheese and continue cooking on high for 20 minutes