LETTERS: Make America great, newspaper censorship

Making America great again

I could not agree more with Mr. Flores’ comment about child abuse of the detained children in cages by our government. And what’s even more appalling is the fact that the president’s own cabinet’s members defend, and even one of them mocked a little girl with a disability.

How heartless can you be to do this?

The problem with this, people, is that they are no minorities and feel they are supreme over us. I have always been a very proud American and have always been proud of these United States of America. But ever since this president took office, I feel ashamed of what my country has been doing.

I wonder how many Americans feel proud for voting for this man, especially when even before he was elected he was showing his true colors. He’s trying to build a wall to keep “bad hombres” from crossing the river and doing harm to America. Mr. President, last time I checked, no Latin men or women were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.

It was one of our very own U.S. citizens. I just hope Americans open their eyes during the next election and make America great again, not make a mockery of America like Mr. Trump has done.

Jesus Rodriguez, Elsa


Newspaper should not censor people’s voices

I would like to be the first to welcome Mr. John Pandos to the top of The Monitor’s list of truly obnoxious letter writers. Sir, unlike yourself and the majority of the citizens who, after reading the daily news retire to their complacent lifestyles, there are those of us who are concerned about serious issues here in the RGV.

The letters you choose to read and then criticize for being available are there because we, the coterie of ten, care.

Many times we do not agree but then we are not trying to win votes, just present our opinions in a logical, educated, informed manner for others to consider. Your words, such as provided with a soapbox, disgusting shot, obnoxious, bully tactics, pent up poison, on and on ad infinitum appear to indicate that you do not agree with any of the positions we express and that you would prefer The Monitor restrict our access. With all due respect, sir, any newspaper is the voice of the people — all the people.

The entire gist of your letter is that you want this freedom of expression to be available only if the opinions, their presentation and quantity don’t irritate you. I suggest that you do your own censorship by not reading the “Letters to the Editor” instead of expecting The Monitor to censor it for you.

Now, wasn’t this letter, without name-calling and vile references, much less obnoxious than yours?

Ned Sheats, Mission

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