LETTERS: Things that make me go hmm, Trump holding children ransom

Things that make me go hmm…

Things that make me go hmm — a couple weeks ago, the Democrats celebrated a porn star! This week, they suddenly have family values! Hmm.

And where does The Monitor get their weather information that they put on page 2A everyday? I know who’s in charge of the weather, but what curandera does The Monitor visit to get the forecast?

And finally, why were all those statues that were torn down or removed because they were so offensive and all those illegal families that were separated not offensive when Obama was president?

Every one of them was fine back then! Hmm.

Scott Matthews, Mission


Trump was holding children for ransom

In California, we called them internment camps, and we swore the U.S. would never do it again. At least in the internment camps they kept the families together. In Germany, they were called consecration camps.

What do we call them along the U.S. border? There is no difference.

Family values GOP Sen. Ted Cruz supported jailing little children before pivoting on the issue. Would he have the same opinion if he had been separated from his family when he crossed the U.S. border with Canada? Did his mother have a passport when she came in? Did his father have a Visa? Was Cruz registered as a U.S. citizen with ICE?

Don’t forget, Cruz is a Latino. His family should have received the same treatment that Trump is giving to current Latinos.

Trump was kidnapping children from their parents and holding them for ransom. Cruz supported these actions. Republican U.S. congressman from Texas supported Trump’s actions.

Did Trump get his immigration policy from Kim Jong-un? This sounds like the acts of a third world dictator. What next? Tattooing their number on their arm?

Hank Shiver, Mission

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