Trailers of 11 movies showing at the La Frontera Queer Film Festival


Pride in the Park will also include the La Frontera Queer Film Festival, a first for the event. Fourteen films — full length, short and documentaries — will be shown throughout the event.

Freefall, directed by Krit Komkrichwarakool (CAN) – After Ivan was diagnosed with ALS, his relationship with Lucas is challenged when he starts to lose control of his own body:

“Mariposa,” directed by Candy Guinea (United States) — “Mariposa” documents the challenges of Castro, a masculine-of-center, high school teacher, becoming pregnant and growing a family with her wife Candy. Castro is overwhelmed with anxiety about how becoming pregnant will shift her masculine presentation. Together they confront the many physical, emotional, and societal obstacles they encounter on their journey of trying to conceive as a queer couple:

“Abrázame como antes” (Hold me like before), directed by Jurgen Ureña (Costa Rica) —”Hold Me Like Before” tells the story of Verónica, a transgender woman who works as a prostitute in a small neighborhood of Costa Rican capital. When a young thief known as Tato has an accident and breaks an ankle, she takes him to her house trying to give him a better life, but also facing with the painful side of motherhood. Finally Verónica realizes that giving a hand to Tato was actually giving it to herself:

“SNAPSHOTS,” directed by Melanie Mayron (United States) — When a grandmother’s secret past collides with her granddaughter’s secret future and her daughter’s angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit. With a simple roll of film it begins:

“Something About Alex,” directed by Reinout Hellenthal (Netherlands) — Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in Hendrik, his sister’s boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him:

“Hopelessly,” directed by Tony Clemente Jr. (United States) — Darren is determined to find a connection, no matter how many people he has to go through. Explore the day in the life of a queer, polyamorous relationship, in all its awkward beauty:

“Those who can die,” directed by Charlotte Cayeux (France) — Zoé, 15 years old, enters a strict boarding school. Around her, pupils are playing and attending classes with faded eyes. Through their obsequious facade, the supervisors’ violence lurks. One day Zoé meets Marie and understands what they are destined for:

“POSI+IVE,” directed by Ryan Macabenta (Australia) — A spiraling drug use and numerous sexual encounters to cope from the loss of his mother and extreme depression, an ambitious young man grips into harder reality as he succumbs down an unexpected path of HIV. POSI+IVE is a poignant story that tells an intimate journey of a person re-engaging in a world that has been tilted off its axis — showing that with acceptance and openness to one’s self, a person can find positive in being positive:

“Uniform,” directed by Ellie Foumbi (United States) — Parents are at odds with what to do when their 6-year old son is sent home from school for wearing a dress:

“Screwdriver,” directed by Dylan Mascis (United Kingdom) — Directed by Natalya Micic and Dylan Mascis, “Screwdriver” is about a young gay student, Michael, who moves to a new town with his mum to start afresh. He meets a boy called Josef who, unlike other students, treats him equally and does not bully him. Michael grows fond of Josef and they start to develop feelings for each other. This love story takes a turn when Josef has a girlfriend who stops them from seeing each other:

“Guardian,” directed by Nicolas Jara (United States) — Manuel (Carlos Flores, Jr.) is a gay Latino teen who lacks guidance and support. Even though his mother, Anna (Virginia Blanco) deeply cares for him, she is only able to prove and instill her love through video tapes made from afar. Keeping his sexuality and boyfriend (Connery Morano) a secret from his homophobic father (Roy Manzanares), Manuel must decide the life he wants to live or end: