LETTERS: ‘Trumped up child abuse’

‘Trumped up child abuse’ a matter of ‘historical rhyming’

Other than in military operations or hunting, camouflage is a device or behavior meant to hide something, or the truth. To purposely engage in policies that abuse children and then paint them over with a claim of strong patriotism is an effort to hide the truth of the evil of such policies.

History is replete with government-authorized abuse of children and families authorized by trumped up legalities. The current incarceration of children — babies! — on the whim of our president is such trumped up child abuse.

These internment camps for children remind us who grew up just after World War II of the fascist concentration camps and the American internment camps for Japanese-Americans. While the former was a far greater evil, the American policy was nonetheless evil. Some say that history does not repeat but it does rhyme. Can you hear (and see) all the historical rhyming?

Just like President F.D. Roosevelt owns the stain of his evil policy, President D.J. Trump cannot camouflage the ownership of his evil policies. Signing executive orders that do not correct this evil is a strange version of Neville Chamberlain claiming “peace in our time” while holding a document that was a deal with evil.

Similarly, President Trump holds up a paper deal with himself that only changes the form of child abuse — the children continue in cages and camps and can now be in cages and camps with their parents.

Some folks seriously believe that God elected D.J. Trump as president. If so, has God approved the evil abuse of the weakest among us? If the former is true, then logically is the latter true as well? Ah, false prophecy?

Slavery, racial segregation, Japanese internment camps and caging children were perpetrated legally. None are right. All are evil. Whether evil is passed off as patriotism or as God’s will, evil is evil and child abuse is child abuse. Perpetrators of child abuse and their enablers are criminally prosecuted. But in this case of government imposed child abuse, the remedy is the vote. Do so.

Ricardo Flores, Edinburg

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