LETTERS: Worldwide family separations, people of faith rise up, Trump critics

US, other nations have history of separating families

The Trump administration’s removal of children from refugee parents is cruel, though hardly without precedent in the United States.

Think of slave parents and children separated until the mid-1800s, and also recall the separation of Native American children from parents well into the 1900s.

And, globally there are many examples. Hitler comes to mind, as do other dictators. Empires also come to mind, such as England and France in their colonial wars (which were losses). Most recently, Argentina’s “Dirty War.”

The United States Congress has the power to enact a humane and just immigration policy, one that would force humane consideration of anyone entering the country.

Now, for bets on that occurring!

Nazi Germany, the United States is not, but the hints multiply.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

People of faith in McAllen should ‘rise up against’ border separations

I can understand that critical letters from outsiders can seem particularly obnoxious. I have friends in Texas! Do you still have those fantastic grapefruits?

I feel that God-fearing residents of McAllen would rise up against the Trump policies regarding immigrant children. I just don’t think we would allow concentration-camp-style detention centers like those about which I read in Maryland. Am I wrong?

I know there are religious people in McAllen. How can this be allowed?

David Eberhardt, Baltimore, Maryland

Trump’s critics are missing the point of his leadership

Don’t consider “Jeopardy” an educational tool, it’s a game of egos. The saving grace is the better success on the more general knowledge, “Final Jeopardy” questions.

So, recently in Final Jeopardy, when the contestants were asked about an island discovered and named by a Spanish explorer sailing off the coast of Africa 40 days after Easter, all the contestants gave incorrect answers and didn’t grasp the idea that Easter was a hint. Forty days after Easter is Ascension… Ascension Island.

All this goes to show the obscurity of the central point of our western culture among the wannabe intellectual elites. It’s like not knowing that Washington is our capital. This failing is why our western culture can be hijacked, or in internet terms, “redirected.” Where are the “gatekeepers?”

The big point is, despite knowledge, if it doesn’t have a core purpose, it doesn’t have direction. Don’t say that the Mayans, Egyptians, or any other culture that built “B.C.” civilizations, exceed Christian culture, despite their achievements. Don’t say that all who have diplomas know what-of they speak and do.

All people and all beliefs are fallible. Christian cultures are the fulfillment of all preceding cultures. Christianity allows failure to be part of the process. So, our president is criticized by none other than the ignorant or vindictive whose hearts are dictated by minds in braces. Elsewhere, the rest of the world “happens.”

Bottom line example: the Spanish, for whatever faults they had, converted the Americas from a land of human blood sacrifices to Holy Communion. Everything else is “the” illusion.

Fred Stewart, Grand Junction, Colorado

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