LETTERS: Concealed weapon, Trump world, vote

Not too old to carry a concealed weapon

In response to the letter by Jaime Gonzalez, McAllen, “Dukes up and guns down;” I would like to offer my viewpoint.

At the age of 75, I am too old to fight and too slow to run. I carry a concealed weapon at all times and places where it is legal to do so. I feel safer when doing so and feel more confident of my ability to protect my wife and myself should the need arise.

Jerry Moore, Edinburg

Columnist should live in Trump World

Ms. Alexandra Petri, your guest columnist is living a never Trumper life. She needs to embrace the world of Trump.

Ms. Petri, your party lost, get over it. You attack our president at every level even questioning his patriot-ism. Nothing he does is right!

Sadly, you are so blinded by your negativity toward President Trump you are missing his accomplishments with the economy, unemployment and the two things Presidents Bush and Obama neglected, immigration and North Korea, which will soon be remedied by a president who has the backing of a silent majority that will re-elect him in 2020.

Kale Longoria, Mission

Vote and confront evil

A person is seen as a traitor, or treasonous, because that person betrays us about something that matters. However, the crime of treason is defined in the U.S. and Texas constitutions and requires armed rebellion, support thereof or providing support to an enemy.

An example is the U.S. Civil War when, indeed, war against the U.S. was waged and supported by U.S. citizens. No doubt valor was found on all sides but the traitors lost.

The leniency shown to Confederates was an effort to bind the nation’s wounds. The leniency, however, is seen as oppression to this day. Look around: unrepentant Confederates, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and their supporters (witting and unwitting) resentfully assert that they remain cheated of their God given privilege and superiority. If others must exist, it is to be in a position of subservience. Nonsense.

The slave-holding society that was the U.S. coldly denied the evil of slavery. Totalitarian states have always denied the evil of their policies. Abusing children and families has always been evil. No armed rebellion here; just evil passed off as patriotism.

Evil is to be confronted and called out for what it is. Register to vote and then vote.

Ricardo Flores, Edinburg

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