Edinburg appears satisfied with new EDC director, bumps pay

EDINBURG — The economic development director received a $5,000 pay increase at a meeting Tuesday, bringing his total pay to $125,000.

The Edinburg Economic Development Corporation board, which is comprised of all but one of the city’s elected officials, reviewed the performance of EEDC Executive Director Joey Treviño after about 90 days of serving in the position.

The previous board, which almost simultaneously stepped down soon after, had committed to reviewing his performance after 90 days when he was hired in mid-February, Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina said. And Tuesday’s pay raise was a result of that evaluation.

Treviño, a former EDC director in Weslaco and a former Harlingen commissioner, makes less than the previous director and his counterparts, Molina said.

“Even at $125,000, he’s still relatively lower than, number one, the previous EDC director that was at $160,000, and he’s still relatively lower than (directors) at the city of Mission and Pharr, which are comparable-sized cities,” the mayor said.

EEDC is preparing to make some announcements regarding new businesses coming in to the city; however, officials will remain tight-lipped until the commitments are formalized.