LETTERS: On low-voter turnout for McAllen bond election and DACA column

Voters not well informed

Low voting turnout for the recent McAllen bond election was due to lack of information to McAllen residents by the city. As F.A. Gilbreath wrote in a Wednesday letter, campaign signs were all over the city when these folks were seeking election and votes, however I don’t remember seeing any signs in McAllen for the bond election up until early voting week. I am glad my family and I made the effort to vote. However if our city wants higher voting turnouts then it needs to be more transparent and inform the public better.

Rafael Guzman, McAllen


No one wants to have their taxes raised. I keep reading about low-voter turnout from the recent McAllen bond election. Some people are not to blame. My wife and I tried to vote at Memorial High School on Saturday, but they told us they didn’t know about an election and sent us to another school on North 23rd Street and Bicentennial Boulevard. But there were no signs there visible from the road. Even at the school, the sign was inside the fence and another small sign was by the door. It is as if they were hiding. But when we got in they told us we could not vote there and we had to go somewhere else because of where we lived. I believe it’s all politics! There is your answer as to why there was such low voter turnout on Saturday.

Enrique Espinoza, McAllen

The irony of DACA column

Allyson Duarte’s commentary in Sundays paper, “Where is the help for DACA?” took me aback for several reasons. First, if she is currently protected under DACA then she is an illegal alien who until President Barack Obama had created DACA, had no legal standing in this country.

DACA was created by an executive order, not a law passed by Congress. I believe this order can be rescinded at anytime by another executive. And, as you know, it has been rescinded by President Donald Trump.

However Duarte bashed U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, for voting for an Omnibus spending bill that included funding for part of the border wall. She didn’t bash U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso, (who is running for Senate against Ted Cruz) for voting for the same bill. What gives? Why only Cuellar?

For the record, I see no need for the wall in Texas as we have a natural barrier that separates the two countries. Now going west from El Paso to the Pacific Ocean, is another story. A wall is needed in that stretch of the country as that boundary can be easily breached, day or night.

In pushing for congressional action on DACA, Ms. Duarte’s comments were more self serving than factual, and The Monitor should have realized this before giving her all that space in the newspaper.

Guadalupe E. Aguirre, Edinburg

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