Brownsville police release report on State Rep. Oliveira’s DWI arrest

A Brownsville police report for the DWI arrest of State Rep. Rene Oliveira shows the politician refused to perform a standardized field sobriety test or voluntarily provide a blood specimen and that an officer needed to hold Oliveira’s right arm to keep him from losing his balance.

The Brownsville Police Department arrested Oliveira on April 28 and charged him with drunk driving after he left the scene of a car crash.

According to the police report, Oliveira left Cobbleheads after eating dinner and having a “few” drinks when he crashed his black Cadillac into a vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light.

The police reports the woman driving the car told them, “she stated that after checking if she was okay, he (Oliveira) told her that he would take care of everything, and for her to contact his insurance, giving her his business card with only his name and business address.”

One responding officer said he spoke with Oliveira’s wife, who told authorities “that everything was okay and that no accident had taken place.”

The report states that there was damage to Oliveria’s vehicle, including two right side tires that were flat and the front right tire wheel having significant damage.

“I asked the defendant if he could recall how the Cadillac had been damaged on both the right side wheels and tires, to which he stated that he could not recall,” the police report states. “He stated that he did not believe he hit anything, then stated that he must have struck something on the way home. He stated that he could not recall exactly where he hit anything.”

According to the report, Oliveira had red, blood shot eyes, glassy eyes and dilated pupils.

In a statement released to The Brownsville Herald on April 28, Oliveira apologized.

“Last night I made a mistake in judgement, and thankfully, no one was injured. I sincerely apologize to my family, friends, colleagues, and most especially to my supporters,” he wrote. “I am embarrassed, but grateful no one was hurt. In my career I have counseled people who have made similar mistakes, and I remind them that we are all only human.”