LETTERS: On protecting pets from South Texas heat, gun safety and driving safety

Protect pets from South Texas heat

With news stories predicting very hot temperatures this summer, there is no denying the dangers that extreme heat have on animals and pets. The Rio Grande Valley is known for its high temperatures, which can be record breaking during the summers, sometimes exceeding 100 degrees. However, many residents have outdoor pets, and it is crucial that they are aware of the needs of their animals and to take the right measures to make sure that they are safe and cool during these hot times.

I have seen many outside pets in my neighborhood and I stress the importance of doing these actions to prevent harm to the animals that call outside home. If one’s family does believe their pet should be outside that’s their choice but they should provide a safe environment for it. Simple steps, like making sure there is enough water and shade to help cool down pets, can help ensure your pet’s safety during the hot summer that is ahead.

Diego Niño, Mission

Better gun control laws

Enough is enough. How many more shootings, or lives should be lost from guns until action is taken? These are the questions many parents and citizens are asking as countless loved ones are lost due to these horrendous acts that have seemed to become a dominos effect. Is the problem gun control, lack of mental health access or not enough school security to ensure the safety of its students? I believe the main issue is the facilitation and access to guns in America. As society, we have failed every person who has lost their life in these tragic events.

Although there have been many rallies by gun control advocates and victims, the question of whether President Donald Trump will push for new rules is still uncertain. It’s time both parties, Republicans and Democrats, come together and work on better laws to keep guns out of the hands of felons, the mentally ill, and others who are a threat to society.

We need stricter gun laws. It could be as simple as increasing the age in which an individual can purchase a gun, or having longer waiting periods to purchase guns. I strongly believe it is time we speak up for ourselves and for those who don’t have a voice and that we advocate for change.

Nereyda Puente, Alamo

Pay attention RGV drivers

Distracted driving is very deadly here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Eating , drinking, talking, children, cell phones, you know all the causes. Many don’t wait their turn and pull out in front of moving traffic. I have never seen so much rude disregard for others, which is deadly distracted driving. You know who you are.

Give us a moment of courtesy and safety.

Ron Weaver, Pharr

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