LETTERS: On gun rights and illegal voting

Gun rights defended

It seems that in today’s trending news, we hear about more students performing terroristic acts in schools involving guns. The mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has everybody afraid, and in a state of panic. Seventeen people lost their lives; many more were injured in yet another incident involving guns.

The removal of our right to bear arms will not solve anything. Almost every day on TV there are movements to ban the private ownership of firearms on every channel. These are wasted measures. The truth of the matter is, schools need more funding and training. Schools need more law enforcement constantly walking the grounds. The use of manned metal detectors at every entry or exit also is necessary.

I am a proud father of four beautiful children, and I do pray for their safe return every day they attend school. Unfortunately, parents have jobs to keep. All we can do is entrust the wellbeing, and lives of our children in the school system’s trusting hands. The public is upset, I understand, but what will the removal or banning of guns do to counter the problem at hand?

Please help Texans, and the nation open their eyes to finding a solution to the real problem at hand. The school system is in desperate need of funding, training, and equipment. In order for parents to continue trusting schools with our children’s lives, something has to change. Don’t let there be another tragedy involving young innocent lives in order to set change in motion.

Rodolfo E. Loredo, Edinburg


Ned Sheats recent response to my differing opinion in an April 26 letter, comes as no surprise: Histrionics and contemptuous disregard for existing law and the norms of civil debate were expected.

I never stated that I am a current member of the militia. Because of an earlier oath, I would nonetheless feel duty bound to offer up my services if the need arises, even though I am nearly 70 and well past the applicable age limit (44).

While the 16th clause of Article I § 8 of the Constitution certainly applies to the debate, so do the 15th and 18th clauses of the same section, as well as the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, USC 10 § 311, and Chapter 431 of the Texas Government Code. Just because Mr. Sheats wishes otherwise, the militia as a lawful entity actually exists no matter its current activation status. Further, wishful thinking aside, every lawfully-qualified person is no-kidding, really a member of the militia of the United States and whatever county or equivalent political subdivision thereof wherein they reside.

By one estimate there are roughly 120 million people residing within the United States who are fit for military service. There are more than 2 million people serving in the armed forces and National Guard. Therefore, there are about

118 million people subject to being called up into active militia service. Want to bet that there are enough weapons currently on hand to arm them all? I would bet large amounts of cash to the contrary and additional amounts of money that a majority of the local militia personnel that showed up at Lexington and Concord to discuss gun control issues with the British regulars were probably self-equipped for the same reason.

Ned Pierce, Edinburg


One of the best ways to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.

For those who think arming teachers with baseball bats will work should try using common sense. Would a shooter surrender their gun if they see someone coming at them with a baseball bat, knife or crowbar? No. They would shoot them. Giving teachers baseball bats to protect students is almost guaranteeing teachers will be shot.

Charlie Cardenas, McAllen

Illegal voting

After reading Saturday’s Monitor, I was incredulous about the woman sentenced to jail for five years for voting while being on probation! Our government is totally controlled by Republicans, even the Supreme Court is a Republican-majority court, and we have learned how the Russians affected our 2016 elections, which is against the law of the land. Our government looks the other way when this happens. I suppose we may as well roll over and let Russian Prsident Vladimir Putin control our country. We have a money- grubbing bunch in the White House, Congress, Senate and even the Supreme Court. America means nothing to all of them!

Bill Williams, Palmview

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