LETTERS: On school safety, Austin bombings, sex assaults and Spectrum snafu

School safety solutions

It is without question that the generation attending school in this century have seen more school mass shootings than ever before. It was a subject we too often turned a blind eye to, until the Parkland school shootings in Florida, which caused students and parents to take a stand against these horrendous school shootings. Providing a safe learning environment should be everybody’s main priority but how?

Many individuals worry about transforming our schools into a prison-like atmosphere in an effort to have schools free of violence. But in reality, invoking small and practical steps are key to eliminating school shootings from ever occurring again. First, we must educate students on how to protect themselves if somebody attempts to harm them on school grounds. Providing an efficient and well-thought out plan on how to save themselves could possibly save their lives. Second, school districts should install metal detectors and have security guards to create a secure campus.

Sadly, school shootings have become a great part of the lives of students now. The only way to truly save our children is by educating and investing in their safety. School shootings will never end unless we all act to end them.

Victoria Soto, Weslaco


We can all agree that we want school shootings to end in the United States. I am no expert on this, but I have a younger sister in high school and a nephew in elementary school and here are some solutions I propose we impose to make students safer:

First, have teachers become licensed concealed weapon holders. Some might say teachers have too much to worry about already, if so, then utilize veterans who are teachers.

Second, add more campus police. They are trustworthy and will make the kids and adults feel safer.

Third, add metal detectors on campuses. This might not be popular, but I’ve experienced first hand in middle school as some students decided to take knifes to school. Metal detectors helped the security guards not only keep us safe but made it easier for them to search students bags.

Joshua Hernandez, Alamo

Terrifying Austin bombings

Over the span of a month there were multiple bombings in the Austin area. During that time, two people were killed and five injured via packaged explosives. I live near Austin, and the frequency of these bombing accounts made me feel a little fearful. Being so close to where it all was happening made it surreal. Many believed it could not happen to them. So learning about the suspect’s death made me relieved. To know that there is one less person who could hurt us, as a city and as a nation. A big thanks to all who helped solve the case.

Leslie Cardec, San Antonio

Speak out against sexual assaults

Every 98 seconds, there is a sexual assault in the United States; every eight minutes a child is a victim. Every day, hundreds of Americans are affected by sexual violence. I just finished a book that was about a 15-year-old girl who got sexually assaulted by a senior classmate. She had the courage to speak out about her story on the national news. Most women and girls are scared to tell someone that they got sexually assaulted. It can happen anywhere. Recently, celebrities and athletes helped to fuel the “metoo movement by telling their assault stories, also.

Most victims build a wall around themselves; they fear outing their assailants will ruin their lives. Most don’t want to relive the moment when they were assaulted or the aftermath. But know this: You are not alone. Tell your stories and find justice, take action, and get some freedom from everything that happen to you.

Tammy Tran, McAllen

Spectrum box snafu

In response to the recent article “Spectrum customers wait in long lines for digital conversion boxes,” I agree that Spectrum should have taken better measures to provide better customer service as customers changed out their digital boxes. This caused a big loss of time for many customers. I am also a client of Spectrum and I really find that the use of the new box does not make sense because it is supposed to give you many channels, yet only the basics can be seen and to get the others you must pay or call customer service. I suggest looking for another cable company or choosing a better plan.

Miriam Antonio, McAllen

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