LETTERS: On school safety, gun rights and pastor’s arrest

School safety issues

I read an article on La Joya schools training parents on security procedures that are going on in their schools.

I personally really like this idea. I think it really helps parents feel more relaxed about taking their kids to school and helps prepare them for an emergency. I think more schools should invite parents to trainings — if not hold trainings for them, so they may assist if they are on campus.

Also each school should have a few teachers trained as first response for emergency situations, such as a school shooting, which is the most feared situation at the moment. If teachers received training alongside the school police officers and local law enforcement, it would greatly increase the safety of the kids in schools.

Bradley Nelson, Weslaco


I am glad a recent article in The Monitor mentioned that the government should be more cautious about threats posted on social media. There are many horrendous events that are occurring in our state, some concerning school shootings, bombs, and terroristic threats. The lamentable thing about this is that many times those committing these crimes exhibit signs before they harm others.

The perpetrator in the Florida shooting had months back posted on his social media accounts that he was going to be a professional school shooter.

I think that the government should be more attentive to these posts to help prevent future traumatic events from occurring and possibly save more lives.

Please keep writing persuasive messages to the government and society. If the government does not want to be more alert about terroristic signs then we, as a society, must be vigilant and observant on social media to prevent the loss of innocent lives. Next time whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram be aware and report any signals that are alarming for the wellbeing of us all.

Vanessa Martinez, McAllen

Gun rights

This is in response to the April 9 letter “The media to blame for shootings.” I agree with James Crowe, of Weslaco, who wrote that gun control will not stop shootings. Criminals will always find ways to obtain illegal weapons. Our country’s judicial system needs reviewing and modification. Our current system allows for criminals too get off too easily. It seems as if suspects have more rights than victims. The criminals who are committing these acts do not fear the judicial punishments they could face.

Darrell Flowers, McAllen

Pastor’s arrest

In response to the April 9 article “Alton pastor arrested on sexual assault charge,” I’m outraged by these allegations. This could have been my mother, sister, or daughter. Many adults, teens, and children could have fallen victim by putting their trust in a pastor whose intentions first seem to help others, but really has vile intentions. A pastor is to be trusted. They preach and are to follow the word of God. They are to reinforce our love and faith in God, not abuse our trust.

Rosa Rodriguez, La Feria

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