Education Spotlight: Hidalgo ISD student club helps community


A club from Hidalgo ISD’s Ida Diaz Jr. High has been helping the community for several years.

The Scribbles Club, along with its sponsor and teacher Sandra San Miguel, has been donating items to Mujeres Unidas. The club, which is for the English language arts for speakers of other languages, was started 15 years ago to help her Spanish-speaking students. Through the club, she’s taught them the importance of helping their community.

“If there is anything they learn from their experience it’s to help the community or others in need,” San Miguel said.

Each year, students collect different items such as gently used clothes, school supplies, canned food and toiletries. For Christmas, they collect money to buy toys for children. San Miguel said she choose Mujeres Unidas because of the help it provides to local women.

Recently, the club donated clothing, and canned goods to the organization. Abigail Vargas, a 7th grader and club secretary, said she enjoys helping her community.

“It’s awesome,” Vargas said. “It’s great to help others, I hope to continue doing my part even when I get older.”

Vargas wants to become a teacher who teaches English to students who grew up speaking a different language, similar to San Miguel.

The Scribbles Club was recognized as Student Group of The Year for their commitment and support to Mujeres Unidas and the victims they’ve served. San Miguel uses a famous quote by President Ronald Reagan, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” She hopes that students find it in their heart to continue giving their time or donating items so that somewhere someone is being helped even after they are no longer in the club.”