LETTERS: On Trump and Spectrum box changes

And the saga goes on …

The Trump Administration keeps piling it on: Trade wars, a nervous market, the need for additional National Guard troops on the border, the Mueller probe, alleged hush money to a porn star with ties to President Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt of the EPA, and of course President Trump’s continuous dangerous tweeting!

The definition of siege: Any long continued attack.

Is our country in the state of siege by this administration?

The country and the entire world is watching all of this!

Mary Martinez, McAllen

Left out working-class

As Tax Day approaches it is important to point out just how much working families were left out of the $1.5 trillion deal pushed by President Donald Trump and passed in December. We were promised “big” tax cuts, increases in our wages, and “major” job creation. Instead 13 million people have had their health care taken away, most of us have seen meager, temporary increases in our paychecks (which will turn to tax increases in the next decade), and the inability to itemize taxes.

Meanwhile, 129 major companies have been identified as receiving $60 billion in total tax cuts. Yet less than 4 percent of workers are getting any one-time bonuses or wage increases from their employers. If we have learned anything this Tax Day it is: Trickle down economics does not work and it never has in the past! This year, mega-corporations are getting a tax windfall and instead of creating jobs or meaningfully increasing wages, most of them are doing what we expected: Buying back stocks, rewarding wealthy stock holders, and giving out executive bonuses.

And now Republicans in Congress are talking about creating barriers to Medicaid and SNAP in order to create “savings” and pay for all of this. I’m not buying it! It’s time that working families become the focus of our nation’s policies. It’s time to repeal the Trump tax cuts for mega-corporations and billionaires!

Laura Dominguez, Brownsville

Spectrum box changes

Spectrum has been announcing this issue (conversion to digital boxes) for about a month and they advised that customers can call in and even have the cable boxes mailed to them, thus eliminating the long wait. However, it looks like most people can only blame themselves for this long wait. I spent five minutes on the phone to order a box had it within five days and I didn’t have to wait in the sun.

Alan Hardwike, McAllen

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