STC student facing terroristic threat charge after outburst

McALLEN — A South Texas College student was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon and is facing a terroristic threat misdemeanor charge for threatening to kill another student.

Claudia Alicia Gonzalez, 23, allegedly said that if she had a gun she would kill another student, according to STC Police Chief Paul Varville. Gonzalez was also “engaged in aggressive behavior trying to assault” the student when the threat was made, Varville added.

Gonzalez’s threat was overheard by students and faculty, and STC police received four calls regarding the incident. STC and McAllen police apprehended her within two minutes of receiving the calls, Varville said.

“We want to ensure our students that no one was hurt due to (officers’) quick response and that the student did not have a weapon on her,” Varville said. “This day and age we know so many shootings are going on and it’s important that everyone realizes that we take these threats seriously and aggressively prosecute these kinds of cases.”

Police issued an arrest warrant for Gonzalez.

The chief recommended that any students who may feel under pressure seek out the college’s counseling services, which are free to students.