LETTERS: On gun rights

The media is to blame for shootings

People who do these shootings feel they cannot become successful at other things. Usually they are not popular but want to be. Usually they are troubled with a poor self image.

They see the news media makes the shooter’s name a household word. They decide to make their name known.

The solution to end these school shootings is if the news media would never refer to a shooter by their narne. Always refer to them as a weak-minded mentally defective loser. Never show their face on TV or in the newspaper. Making them famous only leads to other weak-minded losers shooting up another school.

Yes, anyone who commits this type of a crime, against innocent people, is a weak-minded loser.

So it is my opinion that the news media is actually causing these shootings by giving the shooters what they want.

Gun control will not stop these shootings. These shootings have happened in states with the most severe gun laws. Anyone can get an illegal gun or go on the internet and learn how to make a bomb. These people do not care about breaking the law. Gun control will only affect law-abiding people. The news media can stop these senseless shootings.

James Crowe, Weslaco


Democratic-run Illinois, with some of its cities having the highest crime and murder rates in America, have now enacted a law banning the possession, manufacture and sale of assault weapons, which include semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. Illinois has just made it open season on law-abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless against criminals and murderers who will have weapons whether they are legal or not. Leave it to the Democrats to protect America and American citizens.

Charlie Cardenas, McAllen

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