LETTERS: On new Hidalgo County courthouse and border wall alternatives

Courthouse alternatives

I just read in The Monitor, someone is offering land to build the new Hidalgo County courthouse in north Edinburg. The county is probably too far along on their plans for the proposed courthouse but it isn’t set in stone yet. If they do end up considering this, then maybe our leaders here in McAllen can consider possibly moving the courthouse to downtown McAllen. The city owns a huge property smack in the middle of town where the old Sam Houston Elementary used to be.It would be more centrally located and easier access now with our expressway section in McAllen being worked on. This could pump in more business to our downtown area.

Hector C. Garza, McAllen

Border wall alternatives

Since the building of a wall on the Rio Grande would give the river to Mexico, is there a better and cheaper way to have border security on the river? Most of the drugs come across the bridges, we’re told.

I think some of this has already been done but if they put a dirt “dike” road along the river bank, it could be used for flood control, also. Then Border Patrol could monitor people who leave the Mexican side before they leave the river. We have the technology to spot them, event at night. (I watch TV and see them trying to catch them in the brush, after they get here.) Then when they catch them as they depart the river they can take them to the nearest bridge and drop them off on the line that divides the two countries. Arrest the coyotes and put them in jail. Same with the drug smugglers.

I know this would not be 100 percent effective. We would also need technology to see the entire river, more than we have now, from the air.

I know this would cost money but it would be less expensive than building a wall and we could keep our river and the animals could still come and go at will.

President Donald Trump could call this a “dirt wall” and still save face on his promise. This might satisfy the Democrats and they could then agree on the rest, like DACA.

Jim Clepper, McAllen

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