LETTERS: On abortion, immigration and Larry Nassar’s victims

Abortion reporting

Regarding the March 17 Associated Press article “Report: Abortion is safe but barriers reduce quality of care.” Abortion is safe but not for the developing human fetus. The term “abortion” means death to the baby-to-be. If the fetus is growing, it means it’s alive.

The article’s “unnecessary … ultrasound” shows the mother and her living, developing child. For the first time many women understand the enormity of what they’re allowing: the killing of their future baby. Maybe they will reconsider, allow the child to live, maybe put it up for adoption.

Dora Dovalina,


Immigration laws

During 2000, President Bill Clinton signed the Bringing in and Harboring Certain Aliens Act. One of the main purpose of this federal law was to stop people from helping to induce illegal immigrants by providing them residence in this country without legal status. Under this law, a person who assists in this activity and is convicted can be fined or imprisoned five years.

Recently, Mayor Libby Schaaf, of Oakland California, publicly forewarned the local immigrant community of an upcoming raid by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents in northern California. An ICE official stated that because of Schaaf’s actions, there were more than 800 immigrants still free and not in federal custody. He attributed this situation to her announcement. Could Mayor Schaaf be criminally prosecuted for her announcement?

Silvestre Moreno Jr., Mercedes

Larry Nassar victims

Where are, and where were, the parents of all those girls that Larry Nassar abused and left emotional scars on for the rest of their lives?

Real education is given by our parents. Do’s and don’ts are supposed to be taught by our parents. Parents are supposed to tell their children at a very young age that if anybody touches your private parts that they should come and tell mommy and daddy right away. They should not be afraid to tell anybody.

Nowadays, however, some parents are trying to realize their dreams through their children and it’s then when people, like Nassar, see their weakness in the children and the parents and are able to prey on these families.

Jaime Muñoz, Alton

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