LETTERS: On Trump, women’s basketball, Sen. Cruz and America

Trump and Kim Jon Un

I did not vote for Donald Trump. Will not vote for him. Would not vote for him. On the matter of his proposed meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, it was a decision made with blinding speed, without deliberation, without warning, or agreed pre-conditions to sit down and talk peace and North Korea’s nuclear disarmament. A man who bragged with glee of his sexual encounters with women is now going to sit and talk nuclear disarmament with a guy who fed his uncle to his dogs while he was still alive? An uncle who had been a mentor to him.

I do not believe President Barack Obama would have agreed to such meeting in the way Trump did — brashly, and without consultation with advisers. If so, Fox News would have had a field day if he had done what Trump did and in that manner. Remember when Obama first met the Chinese leader whom he gave a slight bow? Fox News and conservatives’ heads exploded. So with these two sitting down you have to ask yourself: What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, everything! One is a narcissist’s narcissist. The other is plain crazy. Can you guess which is which? See my point?

Felipe Garcia, Edinburg

Publish women’s brackets

Wednesday, March 14 was your second opportunity to publish brackets for the NCAA women’s basketball tournament. If the men deserve space in your newspaper, then so do the women.

You seem to do an excellent job with the local sports where you include girls and women. Why can’t you do the same for national women’s tournaments?

JoAnn Sales, McAllen

Sen. Cruz is a ‘zorillo’

Congratulations to Adrian Rivera for a recent well written, researched and documented letter to the editor in The Monitor! He covered the subject of U.S. Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz, R-Texas, extremely well. Covering all of his habits of telling lies, mocking his opponent for not using his legal first name, Robert, during the campaign. Instead, Mr. O’Rourke chooses to use his nickname, “Beto” in order to make him seem more Hispanic according to Cruz. But Cruz is like a zorillo (skunk) that never smells his own tail. Cruz chooses to go by the name “Ted” to make him seem more white, is this like a zorillo (skunk) that cannot smell his own tail? During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump made use of childish name calling of opponents. Cruz reduced himself to retaliate by calling Trump a “pathological liar” and a “sniveling coward.” Hard felt sentiments like these don’t just vanish and fade from memory but Cruz must feel as if he should hold his tongue now. Is this a sign of the coward that Trump called him coming true?

Manolo Garibay, Mission

Who is your master?

It has been said that you cannot serve two masters. You are an American or you are not. I am proud to be an American of Mexican blood. My heart is all American and proud to have Mexican blood. I served my country and fought for it, the good old USA. You cannot serve two masters.

Jose Garcia, Pharr

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