LETTERS: On President Trump and being kind

Russian collusion rebuttal

Thanks Manolo Garibay for proving my point in your recent letter. Those 15 Russians were in collusion with who? Your attempt was pathetic, at best, to enjoin the meaning of collusion and interference. No, they interfered, not colluded. There is a difference. I suggest you open up a dictionary. I also find fallacy in your claim that I am in the Republican camp — farther from the truth as I vote my conscience whether they be Democrat or Republican. Cut the canned Democrat soundbites and do some free thinking of your own.

Your loathsome anger is with the president who has done more in his first year than George W. Bush and Barack Obama put together. You wait like a vulture for the downfall of President Donald Trump, like so many other haters who are blinded by the media. And finally, I don’t, nor ever, have lost any sleep agonizing as you say over the Mueller investigation. Instead I pray each day for the man who was elected to lead this great country, just as I have for our previous presidents, no matter the party. Because in the end we are all Americans and If he succeeds we all live better lives.

Jake Longoria, Mission

Kindness overcomes rude

I visit McAllen regularly for business. My in-laws grew up in Harlingen where my grandmother lived until her recent death. I write because I’m upset about an incident that occurred at the airport recently. It was 5 a.m. when I pulled up in front of the airport in my rental car. I’m a small woman and growing up my dad always told me to never walk in the dark by myself and if I was uncomfortable to find someone to walk with me. I’ve passed this knowledge on to my two daughters as well. As such, I parked in the loading and unloading zone, in the light, and looked around to find someone who’d be willing to accompany me to parking. Nobody was outside so I went inside to the rental car desk. Nobody was there. I went back outside to my car and was relieved to see a uniformed police officer accompanied by another gentleman. He asked if the rental car was mine and I said it was and asked if someone would accompany my to parking and walk with me to the terminal after explaining the situation. The reactions I got were very different. The maintenance worker, who told me his name was Joe and had just gotten off of a night shift, said he’d be happy to accompany me to parking. The uniformed police officer told me “I’ll tell you what you are going to do ma’am: Move this car to the parking lot or I’m going to give you a ticket! It’s a $175 fine to park in a crosswalk.” When I tried to say I was just looking for help, didn’t see any red zone or signs, he continued to threaten the ticket. Joe said “come on ma’am, I’ll help you.” Thank you Joe.

Lindsay Chapman,

Boerne, Alabama

Houston Astro takes a stand

The Houston Astros showed exemplary cooperation in winning the World Series.

They recently visited President Donald Trump in the White House.

Trump stands for divisiveness and greed.

The Astros should have stayed in Florida that spring training off day, and made a point of visiting local high schools to tout cooperation.

That would have been a well-spent day, rather than the one with this self-centered president.

Astro Carlos Correa skipped the White House to work on Puerto Rican aid.

Classy move!

The Golden State Warriors, another example of cooperation, chose to work with inner-city basketball children instead of going to the White House.

Pay attention Astros — if you win another World Series.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

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