LETTERS: On Russian collusion and Second Amendment

Russian collusion

I believe that President Donald Trump is guilty of being in bed with the Russians and it is based on his lack of actions.

Congress has passed laws for sanctions against Russia. Yet Trump has refused to enforce these laws.

Trump argues that Russia didn’t interfere with our 2016 elections. He says his campaign didn’t collude with the Russians.

Russian interference has been confirmed by U.S. officials over a year ago. Trump’s response? Political hacks and Putin’s word.

We now have a detailed narrative in the indictment of how this interference occurred. Of course, there is a question to what extent that Russian impact on the outcome. The fact they spent millions of dollars on this, it is safe to assume that it did have an impact on at least one voter.

What was Trump’s response to the 2016 interference? He blames Barack Obama.

Who does he blame for the Parkland massacre? The FBI for focusing on Russia.

These are both red herrings.

His refusal to provide leadership to our law enforcement and intelligent-gathering groups also shows his loyalty is with the Russians.

It makes no difference if there was no contact with his campaign. I believe Trump is the ultimate Russian mole. And I trust that the details will come to light by Robert Mueller’s investigation.

His fears justify his rhetoric. He will do anything to stop the investigation, even if it damages our nation.

The solution? In November, we need to vote the GOP out of the House and Senate to balance Trump. Think about it.

Kevin Hertz,


‘Sensible’ gun laws exist

Manolo Garibay identified in a letter the AR-15 as a military assault weapon. While the AR-15 looks like a military assault weapon, it is not a military weapon. It is just a semi-automatic rifle commonly mistaken for military hardware. The M16 is a military assault weapon. Please fact check letters for inaccuracies, I realize many news outlets consider the AR-15 as a military weapon, but it is a civilian weapon. Civilians cannot own a M16, a fully automatic weapon. A federal license for a fully automatic weapon requires extensive certification by ATF plus a six-figure licensing fee.

Mr. Garibay mentioned 18 acts of gun violence in the past year, which includes a suicide near a school that had been closed a few months. While I know he is speaking about stories he has heard, but not all stories are factual.

As to sensible gun legislation, it is already on the books. Too bad the last administration refused to enforce many of those firearm laws.

What is really needed are changes to FERFA and HIPAA regulations to permit schools and doctors to send recommendations to law enforcement when school and health personnel encounter students who are mentally ill and committing these unspeakable acts. It would make great sense for social media to inform authorities when one person continually posts pictures of dead animals and other things of the like that most of the culprits have posted. Social media is essentially a public forum. Fix mental health situations without drugs, the monetary cost is higher but human cost lower.

Auston Cron,


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