LETTERS: On cyclist death in RGV, LNG, and Trump meeting with North Korean leader

‘Senseless’ cyclist deaths in RGV

Regarding Sandra Sanchez’ Friday column, “Senseless and sad RGV cyclist deaths,” I call on The Monitor to demonstrate greater curiosity and initiative in reporting further details on the recent death by automobile of cyclist Melissa Robles. I believe some very important details have not been reported and this reader would appreciate a clearer explanation.

I know first-hand how little some drivers see bicyclists on the road. On Nov. 1, an elderly gentleman who said “I never saw him,” turned in front of me while I was cycling on Taylor Road. I spent 25 days in the hospital and the accident destroyed my bicycle. I am just now nearly fully recovered.

Too many cyclists have been killed in the Valley,, including Ms. Robles. The Monitor did report what happened, but many important details were left out. For example, what is the name of the driver, and what exactly happened? I assume police reports are public record, so the name ought to be available, and if not, then please tell us why? Is it a judge? A judge’s son?

Was the driver charged (or will he be charged) with “distracted driving?” If so, does this mean that if you are connected, you can kill someone because you were grabbing something from the back seat, and you won’t face any consequences? Explain to me what happened is not “manslaughter?”

The fact that these details have not been reported suggests that: The Monitor didn’t ask the questions; asked the questions, got answers but can’t or won’t report them, or asked but police refuse to answer. Which is it?

Tell the public what you’ve learned and how hard you’ve worked to find out exactly how she was killed and if the driver was at fault or not, and what consequences s/he might face.

Someone once said that the purpose of the media was to shine a light on events and the people who make them happen. You need to shine a lot more light on this story, and the sooner the better.

And drivers: Put down the damn phone and share the road.

Robert Ramirez, McAllen

Trump vs. Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump vs. Kim Jong Un; the long awaited fight will finally happen. These two have talked trash and it’s time to see who is the real bad ass. I predict Kim Jong Un in two rounds, with Trump losing by a knock out.

Trumps has deluded himself into thinking he is invincible. The North Korean leader is a fat, lazy, homicidal slop with a record of one known kill and a dozen suspected assassinations. Both are fat, rich, spoiled narcissists without fighting experience or visibly redeemable qualities. Neither has ever served in the military, run a marathon or walked in another man’s shoes. The site of the fight is undetermined. Without Hope Hicks or Stormy Daniels, Trump is going in at a disadvantage.

George Martinez,

Newman, California

Stop LNG in the RGV

How would the LNG backers, especially the owners, like it if trash dumps afire were developed a block from their homes?

Choke! Gasp! Grab an inhaler! Get an oxygen tank!

Alas, no one would wish such affliction on anyone.

So, think a little more, even a lot more, you LNG-backers and owners, before you inflict poisonous air on deep South Texas with your state-of-the-art production towers.

Come up with some sustainable projects for the Port of Brownsville.

With such, clean air, respect for place and future generations will become a reality.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky,


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