LETTERS: On Cruz/O’Rourke squabbling and Trump

‘Petty squabbling’

U.S. Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz, R-Texas, just released the first of what is sure to be many attack ads aimed at U.S. Rep. and senatorial challenger, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. The ad, a jingle set to the tune of “you gotta have a fiddle in the band,” mocks the fact that O’Rourke goes by Beto, as opposed to Robert, to come off as more “Hispanic,” even as Cruz goes by Ted to apparently come off as more “white.”

This is a silly and baseless attack, but beyond this petty squabbling, the jingle ends with the refrain “If you’re going to run in Texas, you can’t be a liberal man.”

Cruz incorrectly assesses what it takes to be disqualified from running in Texas — if you’re going to run in Texas, you can’t be a liar, Sen. Cruz, or should I say “Lyin’ Ted,” as our Republican president likes to say?

Cruz: Why are you suddenly so beholden to the man you once called a “pathological liar?” Is he no longer a “sniveling coward,” or is it you who has become the coward? Or were you the coward all along?

The list of Cruz’s broken promises cannot fit within the word constraints of this letter. Including the values and morals that he has compromised in the name of advancing his political ends, one would need the whole paper to properly list them. Instead, readers must remember that Ted Cruz has a track record of lying. And we don’t need another liar in Washington. More than anything, draining the swamp begins with electing not only a fresh face, but an honest voice. Cruz is neither fresh nor honest, and come November, he will remember that Texas puts honesty before ideology.

Adrian Rivera, Mission

Disenchanted citizen

After one year of daily turmoil, I do not need experts to evaluate the Trump administration for me. I already know! The word is “nuts!”

Mary Martinez,


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