RGV Child Exploitation Taskforce looks back on two years of work

On Feb. 24, 2016, Rio Grande Valley Child Exploitation Taskforce agents descended on a home in Harlingen and ended a nightmare.

During that raid, agents arrested 27-year-old Kevin Kaster, seized the man’s desktop computer and discovered 22 videos of child pornography.

Sadly, that was only the beginning of the heinous crimes investigators uncovered.

As the investigation progressed, authorities learned that Kaster was sexually abusing a close minor relative who lived in the same home, including creating child pornography of the victim that he shared online.

A massive total of three terabytes of child pornography eventually was recovered from Kaster’s computer.

Kaster was charged in federal court for the child pornography and in state district court for sexually assaulting the close minor relative, who was 8 years old when the abuse began, court documents show.

In a plea deal with federal prosecutors, Kaster admitted that he had 985 images of child pornography, including 43 images of the minor relative.

In state district court, Kaster pleaded guilty to indecency with a child and received a 20-year sentence, and to continuing sexual abuse of a minor, receiving a 60-year sentence to prison.

While the sentences add up to 100 years, they will be served concurrently, meaning he could be in his 80s when he’s released.

This is the strategy taken by the Rio Grande Valley Child Exploitation Taskforce to stamp down on crimes against children.