La Villa searching for new police chief

The city of La Villa is searching for its third police chief in about as many years.

Former Police Chief Baudelio Castillo left the department in February after about six months on the job for a better paying stint with the Alamo Police Department — a larger city.

With the recent departure of a patrol officer, the department serving the Delta area city of about 2,000 residents currently employs five officers and interim Police Chief Adolfo Flores.

City Administrator Arnie Amaro recognized turnover may be attributed to the enticement of working in cities like Alamo, Weslaco, San Juan or McAllen, which often offer a bigger paycheck — an issue he’s been working to address since managing the city for more than three years.

La Villa has been improving the quality of life for its citizens and employees to combat turnover, Amaro said, even though it’s “going to be impossible to compete” with larger cities. Last year, the city for the first time offered health insurance benefits to its employees.

“We’re in a very unique situation. … There’s a lot of good things that are starting to surface (in La Villa),” Amaro said.

He hopes to increase the force of the police department from five officers to eight and hire a police chief expeditiously.

“We’re trying to provide better equipment, better tools, better technology,” Amaro said.

The city did not set any tenure requirements for potential officers but requires a basic peace officer license through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. City administration seeks a chief with management and law enforcement experience.

“I want the employees that are going to buy into the image, the idea, the plan we have here as a family,” Amaro said.

The police chief will be paid a salary, while officers are paid hourly. The city did not disclose a salary range for the positions.

Those interested in applying can submit an application on the city’s website,