LETTERS: On Mueller probe, gun control and Larry Nassar

Mueller probe support

I’m responding to Jake Longoria’s recent letter repeating the conservative argument that the Mueller investigation is like “a never-ending story.” They hang on to that talking point because the investigation is getting very close to the White House and Republicans are running scared of the electoral consequences.

Mr. Longoria also falsely claims that Robert Mueller has yet to prove or produce Russian collusion. Well, that is true, sir, if you first; disregard the 15 Russians that have been indicted for interfering into our elections to help Donald Trump win; or the four people in Trump’s campaign staff who have pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI; money laundering; suspicious contacts with or sharing intelligence information with Russian officials.

Other than those insignificant pieces of information the investigation is lacking results for those that are happy and actively involved in finding fault in this effort. But this is the claim that Republicans fall back on most, which is that there has not been any definitive announcements of any findings Mr. Mueller has uncovered. It is important to not lose touch with the fact that this investigation is about our freedoms and our sacred right to choose those that will lead our country and pass laws that affect everyone’s lives. This right should be without manipulation by any outside source, especially a recognized adversary. My answer to that, sir, is Robert Mueller has uncovered a wealth of information. Don’t lose any sleep agonizing over that. But he has laid down strict instructions to his staff that they will not “leak” any information to anyone until he decides when the time is right. When that happens, get ready for a national and world-wide cataclysmic reaction that has not been seen since WaterGate.

Manolo Garibay, Mission


Relaxed ID allowances for voter registration methods presently being used for mail-in ballots, such as utility receipts, or bank receipts should be also investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, insuring fraudulent foreign influence in American elections is not compromised.

Imelda Coronado, Mission

Gun myths by NRA

Has anyone noticed that gun sales go up after every mass shooting? And the NRA has the solution for all the violence caused by gun owners: Buy more guns. Before the gun manufacturers gained control of the NRA, it was a good organization. Now it has only one reason to exist and that is to sell more guns.

The “good guy with a gun” myth exploded during the school shooting. The “good guys with guns” did nothing during the massacre. The shooter walked out of the school and went to McDonald’s.

When the shooting started in Dallas, white men with loaded AR-15s broke and ran, while the shooter continued to shoot. That is one of many examples that the NRA is wrong. More guns does not make America safer, it make us more endangered. And, the GOP sends their “thoughts and prayers” while they do nothing. Thoughts and prayers have never saved a life nor stopped a mass shooting.

As Robert Ingersoll said, “The hands that help are better far than lips that pray.” Guess who is not helping.

Hank Shiver, Mission

Backing athletes

Across the country, coaches are taking a beating. As a kid the term brought about thoughts of football practice, heat, sweat and competition. There was never an association to sexual abuse of innocent female students. Its mind boggling the U.S. Olympic committee allowed Larry Nassar to abuse so many young women over so many years. It’s harder to imagine this continued after being reported. Thank God Aly Raisman had the courage to sue the Olympic committee and USA Gymnastics. Its too bad she can’t hold these people individually accountable. As an investigator of sexual abuse cases, I know that the effects of sexual abuse as a child have long-term consequences. Aly should sue for lost of affection, a future divorce, failed relationships, self-loathing and the loneliness that follows. As she has given courage to thousands who have not yet to be heard and undertaken a path she’ll never be able to leave.

George Martinez,

Newman, California

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