LETTERS: On complying with federal immigration laws and Mueller probe

Comply with federal immigration laws

This past year, the Trump Administration has been discussing whether to arrest some state and local officials who are violating a federal law dealing with immigration. Apparently they were referring to some officials in so-called sanctuary cities.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton signed the “Bringing in and Harboring Certain Aliens Act.” This federal law made it illegal for any person with knowledge or reckless disregard of a person’s illegal immigration status to conceal, harbor or shield from detection that person in any place in this country.

I wonder if the Trump Administration will use this law to send a clear message to these local and state officials of the need to comply with all federal immigration laws?

Under the U.S. Constitution, Article 6, Section 2, federal laws and treaties are the “supreme law” of the land. This simply means that if there is a conflict between local, state and federal laws, that federal laws will prevail.

Silvestre Moreno Jr., Mercedes

Mueller probe is ‘no joke’

In reference to the Jan. 2 letter in The Monitor, the writer seems to be complaining about Robert Mueller’s investigation. He states that it is a waste of money because the investigation is going nowhere and he thinks that Mueller either come up with something or shut up. I have no idea where he gets his news but he should have heard that Mueller is doing well with his probe. He has had indictments and guilty pleas and will likely come up with more.

The writer complained about taxpayer money and resources spent on this investigation. I have never read a letter from him or any other person who complained about the Benghazi wild goose chase now known as “The Tale of The Empty Tank” starring Gowdy and Chaffittz, which went for 875 days nonstop at the cost to taxpayers of several million dollars. Hillary Clinton answered every question without hesitation and was grilled for 11 hours straight on Capitol Hill. In the end, they came up empty.

Mueller is investigating many discrepancies in the 2016 presidential elections and several millions of people do not think it’s a joke.

Raoul R.Villarreal, McAllen

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