LETTERS: Defending Jews, ‘courageous youth’ and Trump

‘Repugnant letter’

A cruel and repugnant letter from Clint Williams on Thursday implied that the Holocaust could not have happened if the Jews had been equipped with guns. He states that “people are more willing to walk into a gas chamber if they are defenseless.” No Jew was willing to be murdered. Mr. Williams may be confused by the fact that many mothers chose to accompany their children to be gassed rather than abandoning them. They were not “willing.”

If a Jew had a gun when should he have used it? When all Jews were required to register with the authorities? When Jews’ passports were stamped with the letter “J”and they were required to add Israel or Sarah to their name if it was not obviously Jewish? When they were required to wear a yellow star as a means of identification? When edicts were promulgated denying them many of their basic freedoms?

When a Jews door was kicked down at 3 a.m. by soldiers armed with machine pistols should he have grabbed his shotgun and defended his wife and children?

A train arrived at Treblinka extermination camp loaded almost exclusively with children under age 10 from the Warsaw ghetto (children of that age were deemed too young to work and therefore food should not be wasted on them.) Could they have avoided the gas chamber if they had been armed?

An uprising in the Warsaw ghetto by Jews armed primarily with pistols and Molotov cocktails was met by German tanks and artillery. Should the Jews have had anti-tank guns?

What would have saved the Jews as if they had lived in a country with free and fair elections; a separate and independent judiciary; and a requirement that no laws be passed that infringe on the rights of any race or religion.

We need to ensure that we protect all of our freedoms.

Dale Mortland, Mission

End ‘Trump bashing’

I think The Monitor’s Trump bashing is reprehensible. Jobs are at an all-time high. Black employment is at an all-time high. Hispanic jobs are at an all-time high. Employment of women is at an 18-year-high. The stock market is setting records almost daily. President Donald Trump has offered 1.8 million DACA individuals a path to citizenship. He wants to strengthen our southern border, stop gang violence, and has passed a tax reduction plan that actually reduces taxes and has truly put more money in workers’ paychecks. President Trump has greatly improved the services provided by the Veterans Administration, and has greatly reduced the stifling regulations that have been choking our businesses. Yet instead of laying the blame for programs that have not been acted upon by Congress, especially the Democrats, The Monitor belittles and chastises President Trump. How about some true reporting about his accomplishments, especially those that have improved the lives of every American and many here in the Rio Grande Valley?

Sherwood Uhrmacher, Palmview

Courageous youth

Just as I thought our nation had lost it way, our youth are stepping in to fill the gap left wide open by greed for the almighty dollar. Our politicians, from county to state to Washington, have sold their souls in the form of campaign dollars. Trump has told us many times that any politician will sell their soul for money just to keep their job in office. Now our youth have taken up the cross of America, demanding safety in their schools. These young people can control social media all across American and they have the tech savvy to run these idiots out of office.

Just think of all the billions of dollars that have been spent by campaigns on abortion control for the last 40 years and now they don’t want to protect these children from those mass murderers with guns meant to kill people!

I am 85 years old and my hat is off to you. Go get’em!

Bill Williams,


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