LETTERS: On Trump and gun reforms

What Trump doesn’t know

A headline in The Monitor, “Trump doesn’t know anything about immigration” has bugged me ever since I read it several weeks ago. He has established that he doesn’t know a number of things about what it takes to be a president! Por ejemplo, the Constitution, the functions of the three branches of government, international policy experience and leadership qualities, and his use of tweets to express his confusion and misunderstanding of policies.

And a letter written by Jim Clipper where he drew from conservative think tank talking points repeating the baseless attack on Democrats seeing a problem and throwing money at it. Republicans have a penchant of their own to throw money at defense and to corporations when corporate profits are at all-time highs and don’t need any more help. Generals have complained in the past that they do not need more money or another jet plane. The United States spends more on national defense than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan combined! Respectfully, sir, were you asleep when the Republicans passed their tax plan scam that will add $1.5 trillion to the national debt?

And it will not pay for itself, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

So who is throwing money at perceived problems? And we all know well that the Democrats are the party that historically leave a surplus in the Treasury when leaving office.

Manolo Garibay , Mission

Society’s shortfalls

Regarding Johnny Perez’s Monday column, “When you’re in prison no one prepares you for coming home,” well when your home, no one prepares you for going to prison.

It is called family. Our problem today is it is easier to sell drugs then it is to get a real job. And the pay is much better too! Answer: Mom and Dad train by example.

Regarding the letter on “Hostile DC and GOP” by Marcelino Hernandez, it’s too late. Barack Obama is the problem. Let’s face it, Democrats have been caught with their hands in the cookies jar, and it’s all hands on deck to blame it on the Republicans.

Melvin Ted Brown , Mission

Fix gun laws, not gamers

Steven Syverson’s Feb. 27 letter suggests we “tweak the gun laws somewhat.” Yet he also advocates to “make video games harder to purchase or ban them altogether.”

I think you got those mixed up, sir.

How about they make guns harder to purchase or just outright ban them and just “tweak” video games? You want to ban video games for being too violent? If so, then lawmakers should also ban TV shows, movies, books and the news!

These gunmen are copycats.

Though they don’t copy media; they copy other gunmen who receive media attention. If it went your way, sir, we’d travel back in time with absolutely no media at all and only have our good ole jolly rifles and guns in our pockets to protect us from the “ bad hombres.”

Oh, and by the way, please keep prayers to yourself and out of public schools.

You’ll need to send them out along with your “thoughts” to victims of future mass shootings if all that is done is to “tweak” U.S. gun laws.

Mary Puente , McAllen

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