LETTERS: On rant against president, voting packets, Pharr ‘stonewalling’

Regarding the Feb. 13 column “The silence of the lame,” it is apparently a strong, but difficult to understand, rant against our president and the Republican Party

Vague points

Regarding the Feb. 13 column “The silence of the lame,” it is apparently a strong, but difficult to understand, rant against our president and the Republican Party. (“Now it has come to America in the guise of a political party resolute on destroying a government, a country, a people, all for the sake of one man.”) is a piece of literature that uses a large number of quotes from famous and infamous leaders to make a series of vague points that most American citizens disagree. We, the people, elected our current governments within the confines of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The same is true of elections in the Rio Grande Valley, though I believe that the Valley is the most corrupt one-party political scene I have seen in a long time. Meanwhile, some academics are always touting the Mexican culture — including its positive influence on American history. Mexican governments over the centuries have been, and are, a disaster and the people have suffered as a result.

Another article in this issue on American victims of blackouts at Mexico resorts is consistent with the daily exposition in the media of the flow of drugs and human trafficking endemic in the Hispanic cultures south of the Border. Everyone wants to share in the American Dream but I don’t want it to turn in to a nightmare for citizens of every culture or race. I am a veteran of three wars and am proud to have served with all races and nationalities under a variety of presidents with different political views.

Paul M. Allen, Mission

Voting packets

My husband and I received our early voting packets. I was totally amazed to find the petitions are completely different! One is a Democratic ballot and the other Republican! I thought we all vote on the same propositions. Why are the numbered propositions different for different parties?

F.A. Gilbreath, Mission

Pharr ‘stonewalling’

I read with great interest, “Pharr & PSJA ISD host groundbreaking ceremony for two city-school parks.” The approximately 28-acre park is projected to cost $2.5 million before the seemingly inevitable, customary, change orders are added.

The northeast corner of the nearby neighborhood’s green space may soon be known as an error of the re-labelled city Of Pharr, Department of Parks and ‘Wreck’- reation.

After prolonged neighborhood action and years of ignored citizen complaints by the city of Pharr it has allowed to operate without a 100 percent opaque 14-foot-tall, concrete or masonary block wall to protect the nearby, long suffering, residential nighborhood located north of Eldora Road.

Please city of Pharr: Stop the stonewalling at City Hall and construct an adequate, stone wall buffer per Sec. 134.31, City of Pharr Code. Thank you.

Dr. K.C. Fletcher, Pharr


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