LETTERS: Local Olympian, Obamacare criticized

Not smiling

Regarding The Monitor’s Tuesday (Feb. 13) editorial, “He makes us all smile” about McAllen’s German Madrazo who is competing in the Olympics for Mexico, I am sad to see that The Monitor promotes the flying and waving of foreign nations on U.S. soil. Especially the Mexican flag. If Madrazo is so proud of his country Mexico, he should have stayed there and fight for it. He lives here, makes his money here. I guess he could not compete here so he competes for Mexico. I say he should stay in Mexico. The USA protects him and he should be proud of this and renounce his native country.

I am proud to be of Mexican roots, but I am an American. I fought and will fight again for this nation and you will not see me waving or flying a foreign flag. German Madrazo does not make me smile.

And I support DACA only if they really want to be Americans and not fly a foreign flag.

Jose Maria Garcia, Pharr

‘Misleading’ Obamacare

Regarding Guadalupe Aguirre’s Feb. 19 letter, “Obamacare fallout,” he is partially right about the cause of rise in health insurance costs is the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. I believe the ACA was designed to raise costs to lead to a national healthcare system — a system that is failing in most western nations that have one.

Competition is what keeps prices down. National healthcare kills quality care! And yes, I believe that former President Barack Obama, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Minority Leader Charles Schumer wanted this to happen. The title of the bill was purposely misleading. Insurance companies wanted it because it was good for their bottom line.

And as to Aguirre’s question: “Should all who voted for him wonder why they did?”

The answer is YES!

Auston Cron, Alamo

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