Tween magic, illusion performers make tour stop in Hidalgo

The Rocketts will be here today to perform tricks.

Globally recognized magicians Kadan Bart Rockett, 12, and Brooklyn Rockett, 10, will be making a stop in the Rio Grande Valley to perform their two-hour illusion show.

In three words, Kadan described his sister as fun, awesome and annoying. Brooklyn returned the sentiment, calling Kadan her best friend.

The pint-size duo boasts supersize talent and has been performing since before they could speak. One might say they have talent in their genes.

Bart Rockett, their father, who makes a special appearance in the show, has himself dabbled into the world of illusions. He met their mother, who was one of the dancers, at a theater he headlined in Branson, Missouri.

Their talent isn’t limited to magic. Brooklyn described some of her other favorite hobbies outside of the craft, which include dancing, singing and acting. Both have starred in a number of TV shows and commercials and were semifinalists in the 11th season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

In regard to leaving the show, “The most sad part was really just having to say goodbye to all of our friends that we met,” said Kadan. However, they have remained in touch with many of their pals, including country singer Kadie Lynn and breakout Disney star Skylar Katz.

Kadan “definitely” favors movies and television, he said. In 2013 he starred as Sam Barrett in the Hollywood production “Dark Skies.” This role earned him a nomination for the “Creepiest Kid in Hollywood.”

Later in the year, he will be acting in a role as a blind child from the 1930s.

While currently on a countrywide tour, they have also performed before audiences abroad. Nerves, they said, don’t so much affect them.

“I just get little butterflies,” said Brooklyn.

“I think it just kinda comes natural,” added Kadan.

The siblings have been on shows broadcast in more than 130 countries and performed on live television at the Chinese Lantern Festival, viewed by nearly 200 million people.

When touring, their education goes with them — whether on the road or in the air. “Planeschooling,” as Kadan calls it.

Brooklyn recalled the educational opportunity she received in visiting the Smithsonian museums in Washington; history is her favorite subject.

From set design down to wardrobe, the Rocketts are deeply ingrained in all aspects of their show, painting props and deciding their own fashions.

“I’m pretty into trying to come up with new designs and combinations and colors that we can use,” said Kadan. Papa Rockett challenges their audience and viewers to keep up with Kadan’s shoe changes.

“The shoes are just all over the board,” Kadan agreed. Some of his favorite pairs were purchased in China and in London.

Some other magicians they turn to for inspiration are David Copperfield and Penn and Teller, “a team act,” Brooklyn said. Their dad said the duo also hopes to inspire their young audience.

A pre-show ritual includes performing a “secret” handshake.

After their shows, before returning to the bus to search for something to eat, they enjoy interacting with fans and do so year-round through their blue check verified social media accounts.

On their YouTube channel, they post weekly videos to their several thousand subscribers.

“(We) will go and film our fun little things … and I will go and edit them,” said Kadan. “My sister and I have a lot of fun with that.”

Another hobby Kadan has taken up with his father and sister is virtual flying using full motion plane simulators.

“I can basically do everything but reach the rudder pedals,” he said. “I’m not tall enough.”

Their tour runs through June and after that, said Bart, it’s “on to the next adventure.”

He encourages all ages to attend the show.

“It will fool you — the magic that’s being done,” he said.

Tickets for their 8 p.m. State Farm Arena performance are available for purchase through, and at its Hidalgo box office.

To keep up with Kadan and Brooklyn, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

What: Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: State Farm Arena, 2600 N. 10th St., Hidalgo

Cost: Tickets start at $20 at