LETTERS: On drug kingpins, cross-country local standouts and PBS programming

Capture the drug kingpins

The true illusions for the border wall are not fake news. The reasons given for the border wall are to stop illegal migration and illegal drugs from coming into the United States. The fact is that no wall will stop illegal migration. People will find a way to come. The border has been trying to be a secure site since Texas seceded from the union.

Illegal drugs will not be stopped as long as there is a demand for them. The United States blames Mexico for illegal drugs. Mexico has done its part to stop it. Many drug kingpins have been captured, but why then are they sent to the United States?

The real drug kingpins, I believe, are here. Has a powerful kingpin ever been captured in the United States?

Raul Garcia, San Juan

Give them R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Cruz Gomez, PSJA Memorial High School’s All-State First Team in cross-country, must think he is Rodney Dangerfield because “I get no respect.” This young man, a junior, was selected to the 6-A All-State First Team. He was the only boy from a 6-A school in the Rio Grande Valley to do so. He later qualified for the Nike Cross-Country National Meet in Portland, Oregon, where he finished third place. But when the All-Valley Team was named, Gomez was not on the team! Will somebody please explain this logic? I just don’t get it.

Another young man also was left out: Domic Cavazos, of Mercedes High School. He was named Second Team All-State for 5-A. He has signed to run on a scholarship at the University of Texas-Arlington.

Carlos Vela, San Juan

PBS programming help

If one doesn’t have cable, one must tune to channel 38-2 to get PBS programming. But channel 38 has been off the air for many days.

I have called R-Communication’s office in McAllen. A woman who answered said she didn’t know what was going but that “they are working on it.”

Can The Monitor perhaps find out what is going on and publish it?

C.J. Robinson, Weslaco

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