Authorities investigating grenade found in Mission

Authorities investigated the discovery of a grenade Friday morning, which had been found inside a dilapidated home, according to a news release.

The grenade had been discovered by a Mission Code Enforcement employee during an inspection of the home.

Upon inspecting the interior of the residence, he discovered what appeared to be a grenade covered in a blanket and inside of a box,” the release stated. “He then recovered the item and transported it to the Mission Police Department.”

The McAllen Bomb Squad and ATF were called to the scene where they found that the grenade did not have a pin or safety lever.

The agents were able to recover the grenade without incident.

Additionally, agents responded to the home where it was found, located on 947 Adams St. There they found a second grenade but it was determined to be a dud, according to Assistant Fire Chief Robert Alvarez.

The investigation is still ongoing.