LETTERS: Debating immigration

American troops have fought wars, shed their blood, and died for the protection of foreign countries from invasion. Why do our own elected officials and churches encourage illegal immigrant invasion into our country? Is it a tool being used as an electoral vote power grab, agenda expansion, or for personal gain, disguised as fake humanitarianism?

If so, it’s equivalent to selling out the sovereignty of our country for political or personal gain, and that is unchristian by any biblical measure.

Walls and locks are used to protect the Vatican, our families, homes, churches, banks, businesses, schools, and everything that is dear and treasured by us as human beings.

How can a one-time expense of $18 billion for a wall to protect our country not be a bargain, when illegal immigration costs America $113 billion per year?

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” — Edmund Burke (18th Century philosopher.)

Imelda Coronado, Mission


It’s a challenge to fact-check Joe Guzzardi in only 300 words. He intentionally used 545 words to skewer the truth in a Monitor Jan. 16 guest column. I googled him. He is usually presented in less exalted publications. He confuses immigration categories, temporary visas and then blames the newcomers for our “overpopulated” nation’s ills. Joe: They just got here. We failed our schools, hospitals, transportation. Chain migration? Gee, my grandfather arrived from Europe after WWI. He was sponsored and sponsored others, probably someone back in your family did too, unless you are Native American? Maybe we are two of the “dangers” of chain migration? Endless chains? Is that the 3.45 family members you mentioned? Criminals? I read about a lot of criminals, gun violence and domestic terrorism by native-born U.S. citizens. Harm to American workers? The term American might include all North, Central, or South Americans. We usually say United States of America. And run that by assorted employers who know newcomers are their only hope. The Bureau of Labor Statistics USDL-17-0618 notes that: “Hispanics accounted for 48.3 percent of the foreign-born labor force in 2016, and Asians accounted for 25 percent. Foreign-born workers were more likely than native-born workers to be employed in service occupations and less likely to be employed in management, professional, and related occupations. … The median usual weekly earnings of foreign-born full-time wage and salary workers were $715 in 2016, compared with $860 for their native-born counterparts. … (Differences in earnings reflect a variety of factors, including variations in the distributions of foreign-born and native-born workers by educational attainment, occupation, industry, and geographic region.)”

Finally Joe: You’ve apparently had many jobs yourself, even an ESL instructor. What happened?

Stephen Mach, Edinburg

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