LETTERS: On not littering beaches

Don’t litter our beaches

There is so many reasons why we shouldn’t litter at the beach. In order to become better citizens, we need to take care of our beaches and environment. Everybody wants to be a better citizen and make our surroundings better. A main reason to why we shouldn’t litter at the beach is because of animals. Litter at the beach may be eaten by the animals and we consume those animals. Also, animals are dying because of the trash that gets stuck in their bodies or because of something they eat that we threw in the ocean. We, citizens, should be more careful and start cleaning up all this trash for these poor animals.

In addition, oil, plastic and agricultural waste are harmful substances to the ocean. We need to take care of our environment.

Fernanda Hernandez, Pharr


Our rivers, our lakes, our oceans are ours. Some people forget that we share these things. These bodies of water make Texas beautiful. It’s what makes people want to go to our beaches, swim in our lakes and fish in our rivers. We must realize the impact a handful of trash can do to us. One way that our trash affects us is that it gets in the water where our marine life is and that can hurt them, or even kill them. We don’t want to be know as a state that doesn’t take care our environment. We are a beautiful state. Let’s keep it that way.

Gisela Andrade, McAllen

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