LETTERS: On editor’s departure and North Korea’s threat

Departure of editor

It surprised and saddened me to read that Editor Carlos Sanchez had left The Monitor and to only discover this news buried on an inside page at the very bottom of a story. Surely he deserves better? When I first moved to the Valley, more than 10 years ago, The Monitor read like a right wing rag written solely for its fat cat owners tucked far away in southern California, with most stories skewed to a free market ideology detached from local realities. Sanchez sharply refocused reporting to the Valley, opened the pages up to local voices and provided daily insights into the political and legal maneuvering that shaped every day Valley life. Frequent editorials shined light on various unsavory local practices as well as national events.

His service should be celebrated in a much more public manner and we all need to be on watch that our local paper does not return to its former ways.

Dr. Philip Zwerling, Edinburg

North Korea’s threat

Maybe the North Korea leader Kim Jing Un is not afraid of President Donald Trump’s bizarre tweeting, but I am!

Why is Congress taking a deaf ear in all of this?

Among its duties it conducts investigations and reviews the work of the executive and judicial branches of the federal government.

The president and the North Korea leader Kim Jing Un are acting like gun-slingers at the OK Corral.

Dangerously and foolishly trying to intimidate one another with nuclear buttons!

This is insane! The whole world is watching!

Mary Martinez, McAllen

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