LETTERS: On Trump’s ‘hate-mongering’ and North Korea’s global threats

Trump’s ‘racist, hate-mongering’

How do you impress on that person in the White House that enough is enough? How do you explain to him that governing is different from ruling? Why does he not understand that the people didn’t, aren’t and won’t approve of his racist, hate-mongering method of governing? The news of his threat to hold the future of DACA participants hostage, pending the approval of his wall, should be the last straw before the camel’s back is broken.

Unfortunately, he seems to think that adding a warning about peaceful demonstrations should be the topping on his cake of evil deeds. Yes President Trump, the world is watching us. However, what they are watching and wondering is how long it will take us to come to our senses and kick you out of office.

Ned Sheats, Mission

North Korea’s global threat

More military drills by the Korean Peninsula. North Korea fumes. It has weapons galore, too. The United States should learn; the English, Dutch, and French left Asia after losing wars. The Japanese also lost, as did the Russians, all within little more than a century. If the United States wants a role in Asia, let it be through trade. Add food aid, cultural exchanges, technical assistance. There is so much the United States could do to be a peaceful part of Asia.

Of course if the United States with President Donald Trump is determined to impose its self-centered view of nuclear weapons on North Korea then imagine the outcome. What hypocrisy! China and Russia also have nuclear weapons that could hit the United States. Do we bring them to the edge of war as we do North Korea? Do they do the same?

Of course not! Live with all who have nuclear weapons, or, work for the lost dream of total nuclear disarmament.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

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