Coach’s corner: Becoming our own source of inspiration


Last week we talked about what inspires us. And, honestly, it’s very rewarding to talk about one’s journey and one’s battles to achieve the unthinkable, and then have our friends congratulate us for doing a good job.

But once we set out to battle our own demons, and conquer our dreams, we become our own source of inspiration — as does our journey.

I’m not saying we’re going to fix the world, but if you think about it, we might actually help to change it!

Here’s the deal, since you started your journey to conquer the McAllen Marathon you probably became more aware of the need for more trees for shade.

You’re sure to be infuriated with people looking down at their phones while driving, and driving soooo close to us.

Or even worse: Drunk drivers in the early hours of the morning, which, by the way, are the only hours we can train during the summer months in South Texas.

Imagine what could happen if more people where running and all of us began demanding more trees, fewer drunk drivers and insisting that people put their phones down while driving?

Well it’s possible. Six years ago, we earned the shameful distinction of being named the fattest city in America. A few McAllen Marathons latter and a bunch of other awesome running events in town and we are now down to #4. It’s not impossible that we can go down to No. 20 and then up to the list of the fittest cities in America!

But you see it’s not about one race or one person or even one incredible journey like that of “Team Gadiel,” a four-person race team that runs to keep up awareness of a rare condition afflicting Eduardo Gadiel Romero, and which keeps the fire in my heart burning each time I see them.

It’s all of our stories and the collective journey of a group of 1,000 brave souls that will finish the Marathon on Jan. 21 that will inspire many more to run, and become a source of inspirations to others.

Now you see how your crazy runs at 5 in the morning when you think no one is watching are re-shaping a whole community?

So keep on running and smiling and, remember, with each step you take you are making McAllen a better place for your kids, grandkids, nephews and friends to live.

Train hard and keep on inspiring!

German Medrazo is co-founder of the Valley Running Company in McAllen and is an 18-time ironman, a 10-time marathoner, an ultra-marathoner and a Nordic ski marathoner. 

This column is for information and entertainment purposes only. Runners are strongly advised to consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise program.