LETTERS: On acts of kindness (and not)

Grateful for kindness

I am a Puerto Rican who has been living in the Rio Grande Valley for over 35 years. I love it here.

After Hurricane Maria and all the problems my beautiful island has suffered, I have been mailing care packages to my family.

I had two very wonderful experiences at the U.S. Post Office I wanted to share:

At the Mission Post Office, I went to mail two packages to my brother. The young lady working the desk was very helpful and wanted to save me money by putting both packages together. I explained the need for two packages so that each would fit inside the mailbox to avoid having them returned or lost.

She understood and was very kind, asking about my family’s wellbeing.

At a McAllen Post Office, almost the same thing happened, but and that worker also helped me to save money and prepare my package.

I’m sorry I did not get the names of the employees, but you know who you are and this letter is to appreciate your kindness and help.

Vanessa Suarez, Mission

Not ‘my brother’s keeper’

This is in response to Juan Menchaca’s Oct. 16 letter, “Don’t cut health insurance for Texas children,” in which he states that “leaving children unprotected is inhumane.” I say: You make them, you insure them, and you educate them. I’m tired of being my brother’s keeper.

Jose Coronado,


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