LETTERS: On tax cuts and Red Ribbon Week this week

Tax cuts needed

Congress has finally passed a budget. Now it’s time to pass tax cuts.

As the president of Guy Chemical Company in Pennsylvania, believe me when I say there is no greater obstacle to business expansion and job creation than high taxes. When you combine federal, state, and local taxes, I pay nearly 50 percent of my business income to the government. While I currently employ about 130 workers, growing a business is not smooth sailing. To finance expansion in 2008, I had to take out four loans. I’ve mortgaged my house seven times to help my business grow.

High taxes hurt. I’ve had to take out bank loans to pay my taxes on numerous occasions. Even after deductions, high taxes often prevent me from hiring new employees and rewarding my current workers with higher wages.

Some people will continue to characterize small business owners as greedy, but I did not draw a salary from my business for five years. When I did, it was $36,000 a year. Cutting taxes isn’t about lining my own pockets; it’s about helping employees line theirs’.

Guy Berkebile, Guy Chemical Company, Somerset, Pennsylvania

It’s Red Ribbon Week

The average age of youth abusing alcohol for the first time in Willacy County is 12 years old. Does this mean that we need to start talking to our kids about alcohol once they turn 12? No. This means that we need to prepare them many years prior to that exposure. CASA (Communities Against Substance Abuse) Coalition is here to help educate our youth about the dangers and consequences of alcohol and drug use. Red Ribbon Week begins today and CASA Coalition will be at local schools speaking to the students and parents about the dangers of underage drinking and drug abuse. Let’s teach our kids about making good choices in life and not allowing alcohol to get in the way of their health and their education.

Elizabeth Urbina, Raymondville

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